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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Commercial Real Estate Financing: What Should You Expect?

One of a company’s main priorities is having the right property. When it’s time to relocate or expand, you want to obtain property that will best suit the needs of your business. If you’re thinking about getting commercial real estate... Read More

What Should I Know About Commercial Real Estate Financing?

Commercial real estate financing is a category of loans that are designed to provide funding for office spaces, warehouses, apartment complexes, or other types of income producing properties. With several loaning options available, it can be confusing to know where... Read More

What Should I Know About Commercial Funding?

Commercial funding can provide financing for both short- and long-term projects. From providing financing for a growing business to covering costs associated with investing into the future success of your company, commercial funding covers a wide variety of needs. If... Read More

Tips to Improve Your Business’s Cash Flow

When you own a business, there is a risk of bankruptcy if you don’t stay on top of your cash flow. In fact, about 82% of business failures result from improper cash management. What you may not realize is that... Read More

What Should I Know About Cannabis Loans?

Securing financing for starting any type of cannabis related business comes with a unique set of challenges. Since cannabis is not yet federally legal, many commercial lenders are reluctant to underwrite cannabis loans. Even in legal states there are strict... Read More