Many companies face challenges in creating collaborative environments when employees are working from home during the pandemic. To overcome these difficulties, insightful business leaders have devised strategies to keep personnel motivated, engaged, and innovative despite various degrees of physical isolation. Here are some tips to help your employees maintain high performance standards in these current challenging conditions.

Agree on Guidelines

Collaborating with team members in remote locations can be frustrating because everyone has diverse expectations of how others should behave. To mitigate this situation, have your personnel agree on a series of practical guidelines. For instance, request that each member has their camera on during conferences, have an evening cutoff time for work-related communications, and set deadlines for responding to email messages.

Communicate One-on-One

Video conferences with your entire team can be productive, but they can also be draining. You should also keep in touch with your employees on an individual basis. Schedule one-on-one online get-togethers during which you find out how they are doing, what their priorities are, and what they are currently working on.

Be Authentic

Some leaders attempt to conceal their weaknesses and put a positive twist on everything. This unrealistic approach does not engender trust. Instead, share your particular pain points as well as what you find pleasing. Authenticity during interactions creates trust in you and the company.

Share Challenges

When your team works in physical proximity to each other at the same location, it is easy for them to pick up on the difficulties that their colleagues face and help them out. Since this serendipitous informal collaboration is not possible when people are working remotely, create a virtual space in which team members share the difficulties they encounter with their colleagues so that fresh perspectives can help generate ideas and solutions.

Have Fun

To prevent the online hours you spend with your employees from becoming too dry and formal, cut loose from the business interactions sometimes and have fun. Take a break and talk about casual matters such as what you all do in your free time to alleviate the stress of isolation.

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