Communication skills are crucial to your continued career success. Knowing how to communicate effectively with your bosses, colleagues and employees helps you avoid wasted time due to misunderstandings.

Get to The Point

Whether you’re writing an email, preparing a speech, or planning a meeting with your team, avoid rambling words and sentences that don’t relate to the topic you’re discussing. Get to the point of your message clearly and concisely, without all the excess chatter.

Pay Attention to the Nonverbals

Often, a person will attempt to cover up their true feelings on a topic. As a manager, it benefits you to pay attention to a person’s nonverbal cues when speaking. For example, a stiff posture and arms tightly crossed in front of one’s chest indicate they are not receptive to what you are saying no matter what words they speak. In contrast, a relaxed facial expression conveys the person understands and agrees with you.

Provide Negative Feedback Effectively

Everyone makes a mistake sometimes at work, and you are the one who needs to bring it to an employee’s attention. A proven method to help the person be receptive to your words is to start by telling the employee what they do right in their job. Then, in a non-judgmental way, say what went wrong and how this person can avoid this issue in the future.

Give Kudos Regularly

Positive feedback is a powerful motivator for your employees. Too often, a manager is quick to point out a mistake and doesn’t acknowledge when an employee or team does a great job. Make employee recognition a regular part of your workplace by recognizing and rewarding great work.

Consider Other Opinions

A workplace operates in an environment of fear when employees aren’t allowed to make suggestions or challenge plans. This typically happens when leaders only listen to those who agree with them and think as they do. Unfortunately, this “yes person” mentality doesn’t help your company grow as effectively as it could. Instead, make it a point to create a culture where all opinions are heard and valued. 

Develop Public Speaking Skills

You need the ability to speak confidently and effectively in public for your career to continue moving forward. Consider taking a class that includes lots of practice speeches. The more times you make a speech, the easier it gets.

Learning these communication skills increases your potential for promotion. They also make your company a great place to work.