During times of crisis and uncertainty, staff and employees rely on effective and empathetic leadership; do you have what it takes to lead the team during difficult times?

Here is how to boost leadership during a crisis:

Value the Team

A good leader appreciates their team and provides positive reinforcement and encouragement. This is even more vital during a crisis or emergency. Be flexible, understanding, and optimistic; the team will respond.

Be Transparent 

Don’t hide or sugarcoat the situation. Your staff and team need to know what is going on- anxiety surrounding the unknown could be impeding productivity. Make yourself available to provide support or answer questions from your employees, if possible.

Stay Positive

In addition to maintaining positive interactions with your staff, try to look at situations and circumstances in a positive way. What can be learned or gained from the experience? Positivity can have ripple-effects that ease up difficult situations and expedite recovery.

Take Time to Reflect

Don’t hurry to make decisions that could have lasting impacts. Make a goal of deriving information and take time to reflect before making your choices. Move forward when you have a full and complete understanding of the situation you are faced with and the options you have available.

Shake Things Up

It is easy to become complacent during a crisis or amidst turmoil. Do not let these types of events paralyze you; use this time to shake things up with fresh initiatives, new marketing campaigns, or changes in roles at work. Sometimes change can help un-stifle the creativity quelled during crises.

Remember your Mission

Remind yourself- and the team- of your mission. What is the underlying reason for the work that you do? Who do you serve? Create solidarity among the staff during difficult times by remembering and reminding others of your company’s mission. It can be very inspiring.

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