Entrepreneurs and small business folks have been increasingly attracted to importing as a lucrative business opportunity. It’s a viable trade that’s been going on for centuries. Many large global firms make their billions in this way. But, because of technological advances, even small entrepreneurs can carve out an exciting niche in this line of commerce.

With sufficient funding and a good internet connection, the world can be your oyster too. Up-front working capital may be hard to accumulate and many budding entrepreneurs, as well as established importers, turn to finance options to fuel their business operations.

Financing Your Import Business

There are a number of ways to get the capital you need to be successful in the import-export space. Here are some good ways:

Invoice Factoring. This can be an excellent way to obtain working capital for your import operation. It works like this: You sell your invoices to an external financing company at a discount to their full value.
Business Lines of Credit. A line of credit is a rolling or revolving account that you can use as you see fit for your business. For importers, it enables you to take advantage of major purchase events or when operating funds are low.
Purchase Order Financing. Buying finished merchandise and presold goods are at the heart of viable import businesses. Purchase order financing supplies the funds you need to obtain this inventory.
Inventory Financing. This is a loan that you can use to buy inventory. The actual items in the inventory serve as collateral for the loan. It can be perfect for import businesses.

Partner With POM Capital

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