The modern workplace requires not only technical expertise but also creativity. New employees may not understand this, so it is up to you to encourage your team to use their innovative as well as technical skills. Here are some strategies that can help you accomplish this.

Share Your Mindset

People have various methods of approaching problems and working towards goals. It is important that your employees grasp your thinking style as well as your ultimate objectives. This makes collaborative efforts much easier. Be sure you reciprocate by allowing your team to use a method of working that suits them.

Encourage Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking involves taking an unexpected or unusual point of view while contemplating situations and solving problems. Don’t make your guidelines too rigid when assigning tasks to your employees. Instead, allow them to experiment and innovate. This will give them more room for coming up with truly original ideas.

Offer Conceptual Feedback

When offering feedback to new employees, don’t immediately give them solutions to problems. Encourage their creativity by conceptualizing what their goal is in general terms. This gives them a chance to solve the problem on their own rather than get the answer from you.

Point Out Gaps Instead of Errors

Avoid dwelling on errors in your team’s work. Instead, focus on the gaps in their presentations. Emphasize what can be added to make their creative endeavors more complete. In this way, you are giving them positive feedback that will spur greater productivity.

Realize That Mistakes Are Inevitable

It is important for you and your new employees to understand that mistakes are an inevitable result of the creative process. Many creative solutions result from trial and error, so it is vital that you give your team leeway to make mistakes on their way to finding something that succeeds.

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