If you lack the cash to start a business or develop an investment property, hard money loans can benefit you. However, before applying for one of these loans, it’s important to know the pros and cons, so that you can decide whether it’s worth it.

An Introduction to Hard Money Loans

Private companies or individuals offer hard money loans, which are short term, non-conforming loans that are secured by surety. People who have been denied conventional loans or don’t want to wait so long for approval should consider hard money loans.

An advantage of hard money loans is that they are secured by the property to be bought. Collateral can be seized if the borrower defaults on the loan.

Reasons Borrowers Seek Hard Money Loans

The main reasons a borrower wants a hard money loan include:

  • Investing in Commercial Real Estate. An entrepreneur owner who can’t secure conventional financing might seek a hard money loan to acquire commercial real estate. Also, Entrepreneurs who want to purchase a property without conventional financing or who cannot get their needs met by traditional commercial loans may find hard money loans suitable.
  • Flipping a House. Real estate investors can use these hard money loans can be utilized by real estate investors who purchase low-cost properties, make renovations and repairs that boost their value, and then flip the houses for a profit. Typically, flippers prefer fast-moving financing for these projects since they quickly happen.
  • Buying investment property. Investors who are unable to access traditional financing can access hard money loans to invest in rental properties. In addition, persons with poor credit histories or those who need more money than they can get from conventional lenders can use the method.
  • Rates for hard money loans. Based on the loan amount and property value, a hard money lender can lend a certain amount of money. There are usually limits to loans made with hard money, which means a substantial down payment is required. Sometimes, lenders loan based on the value of an improved property (ARV). The ARV is the property’s estimated value after improvements have been made.

Requirements for Hard Money Loan Borrowers

A hard money lender’s main concern is the amount of equity a borrower owns in the collateral property. Foreclosures or short sales may not be taken into account for borrowers who have the capital to pay the interest. In addition, lenders look at the borrower’s plan for how they anticipate using the property. Borrowers are also required to provide a realistic repayment plan.

Need a Hard Money Loan?

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