Investors who plan to fix and flip homes in 2021 must be aware of various trends when deciding how to maximize their restoration dollars. In addition, knowing what buyers are looking for will ensure that investors can undertake the appropriate renovations necessary to sell a home quickly. These are the most significant trends to consider.

Families Members Learn and Work Together

More people are working from home in recent months than ever before, and this is not likely to change soon. As a result, renovations should focus on creating separate spaces where adults and children can work independently without disturbing each other. Sliding pocket doors are an excellent solution that doesn’t involve major structural renovations.

Remote Employees Want a Dedicated Work Space

Working from home has many benefits, and many people may prefer to continue doing so in the future. As a result, home office space can be the most desirable feature some buyers seek; however, investors must clearly understand the needs of buyers to whom they are marketing a property. For example, homes in high-income neighborhoods may attract business executives or owners who can perform their jobs from home and are willing to pay a premium for a well-equipped home office. Alternatively, workers in lower or middle-income neighborhoods may be less likely to work from home, making a home office less attractive. 

Outdoor Space Is Highly Desirable

With limited opportunities to socialize in recent months, outdoor space is a must-have feature for anyone going stir-crazy from a year of social distancing. Renovations that involve additions like patios, decks, or landscape improvements can significantly impact a property’s asking price.

Bathrooms Are Replacing Spas

Anyone who works remotely may struggle to find balance in a live-work environment. Bathrooms are one of the best rooms in a home to find stress relief, which people may need more than ever. Your fix and flip can have a spa-like bathroom that doesn’t exceed your budget. Consider adding a massaging showerhead, built-in speakers, sconce lighting, and new fixtures.

Lighting Has Mulitple Purposes

Lighting is essential to distinguish the different aspects of the day for people who are now using their homes in new ways. In addition, lighting can significantly impact how people experience working, learning, or relaxing at home when they can direct, increase, decrease, or layer it. Renovations that bring light where it doesn’t exist or make it more easily adjustable can change the way people use their homes.

When considering investing in a home to fix and flip, it is vital to know what matters to potential buyers before undertaking renovations.