Starting a business is an exciting prospect. While you may be focused on operations and getting your products to customers, it is important to remember the financial side of things, as well. Here are some mistakes new business owners make that you should avoid in order to achieve success.

No foundational business plan. A business plan is not just about your operational plan but includes valuable information about financial operations, projected expenses, and anticipated revenue. Without this starting point, it can be hard to know whether your finances are where they should be.

Not separating personal and business finances. Separating finances from the beginning will be essential for keeping a business ledger of income and expenses for your business that is totally separate from personal expenses. Whether you do taxes on your own or hire someone, this record will be needed.

Not preparing for the tax liability. As a small business owner, you are required to take care of the taxes for the organization. This is something that new business owners do not always think about. Paying quarterly on income is the easiest way to keep on top of taxes for your business.

Not setting aside a rainy day fund. It is well-known that you need an emergency savings fund for your personal finances just in case something happens. The same is true for your small business. If something should happen, you need to have a source of money you can access until your income gets back on track. It can be simple savings account for a portion of your income each month.

Not being active about addressing debt. There is nothing wrong with getting a loan to help with business growth. However, if you do, make sure that you are being proactive about taking care of it. Do not let your debt get out of control in order to make progress in business growth, and be strategic about how you use the money.

There is a lot that goes into making your small business successful. Avoiding these money mistakes will help keep you on top of your business so you can achieve your goals.