When starting a career in commercial real estate, know that we all start in the same place: knowing absolutely nothing. 

  1. Take Local Real Estate Classes. Choose a variety of classes (e.g., online, community college, local real estate schools, etc) to give yourself new opportunities to meet new people.
  2. Read. Research the top commercial real estate brokers in your city and read up on them.
  3. Attend Local Events. Whether on real estate or investing, this is a great opportunity to meet people.
  4. Intern at a Local Firm. Everyone is looking for help and this is a great opportunity to work for a top broker or agent.
  5. Find Your Niche. Become a specialist, albeit retail/office space, fitness centers, medical spas, hotels, or golf clubs—make something, your thing. 
  6. Join Memberships. Commercial real estate associations are great for networking.
  7. Ask. Reach out to friends and family members and see if they know someone in the industry that they can and are willing to put you in contact with.
  8. Read Trade Magazines.
  9. Follow People and Companies on Social Media. If you love them, follow them. Learn from their posting strategies and watch their videos to gain insight.
  10. Join the Local Chamber of Commerce. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are great opportunities to meet business owners.
  11. Meet with the Local Economic Development Director. Learn about what’s going on in your community and request a package from the EDC that has the demographics, aerial maps, and properties for sale in your city. Follow up every six months.
  12. Hire a Mentor/Coach. It will save you time and money in the long run: information is priceless.
  13. Learn the Lingo. Study the terminology. In commercial real estate, Loopnet instead of the MLS. Familiarize yourself with listings and the codes of commercial real estate.
  14. Join a Facebook Group. If you can’t find one to join, create one.
  15. Be Patient and Persistent. Real estate is constantly evolving and changing. It takes years to become an expert so take your time and stick to it.