Becoming manager for the first time can be a challenging undertaking. It can be daunting to abruptly be responsible for the successes and failures of not only yourself but a whole team of employees. However, seasoned leaders agree that if you cultivate certain characteristics your transition to manager can be much easier. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Communicate Effectively

Managers must have superlative communication skills. Your team needs to be aware of vital information on important topics, know exactly what you expect of them, and be able to easily and effectively offer ideas and opinions. Encourage your team to remain open and honest by setting an example.

Create a Collaborative Environment

Collaboration should be an integral aspect of your company culture. You can inspire this characteristic in your employees by being an example of positivity, arranging periodic one-on-one meetings with your team members, delegating work to your subordinates, and engendering an atmosphere of trust.

Look for Areas of Improvement

Your team members want to know that you value their contributions. With this in mind, be aware of their strengths and also of areas in which they need to improve. Make improvement a team effort that you personally become involved in so that your example becomes a motivating factor.

Focus on Growth

Seek out ways that your employees can grow both individually and collectively. This may involve getting rid of obstacles to their growth or identifying specific talents and interests that they can leverage on the job. Be sure they understand that you are also interested in their personal development apart from company outcomes.

Seek Opportunities for Development

Besides seeing to the welfare and development of your employees, look for ways that you personally can learn and grow as a leader. This may involve taking advantage of management training programs and microlearning opportunities, and also finding a mentor with whom you can work.

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