It’s becoming increasingly common for people to work exclusively from home. Many companies today are entirely electronic. Workers use personal computers to complete their jobs, and no physical office or store exists. Large amounts of money can be saved heading down this path. However, managers need ways of interacting with remote employees that are as effective as in-person methods. Here are a few reasons why computer programs make this possible.

Being Clear About Expectations

Simply hiring someone and telling that person to start toiling away is bound to create unsatisfactory results. No one enters a new employment situation automatically knowing what the supervisor wants. Use video conferencing software such as Zoom to have a face-to-face meeting from the outset. Discuss everything from the job’s essentials to what will happen if quality dips beneath a certain threshold. Verify that recruits feel comfortable reaching out with concerns. Offer an opportunity for new hires to ask questions before signing off.

Providing Communication Tools

Staying on the same page is always important when running a business; it’s even more critical when everyone is working remotely. Phone and email are adequate methods of getting in touch, but there’s software designed specifically for office workers who need to be in constant contact. Slack is arguably the most popular. With this program, it’s a snap to issue blanket instructions and verify that everyone understands what’s happening. Sending attachments is also a breeze. Even if you find this application extremely useful, conduct occasional videoconference meetings. There’s no substitute for the immediacy of real-time conversation.

Observing Employee Hours

Since everyone is working from home, or the beach for that matter, there is always the temptation to take advantage. Untrustworthy recruits might commit time theft. You need to protect the company from this potential outcome. Require that everyone use a program that tracks active hours. Then, compare the times listed for logging in and out with what’s being claimed and smoke out cheaters.

Following Project Progress

Management software makes it simple to see what’s getting done. It’ll also allow you to easily detect what’s not getting completed and needs more attention. A glance can remind you who’s in charge of which task; this is particularly useful when quick follow-ups are necessary to honor deadlines.

Managing a team of remote workers is a complex challenge. It requires technological solutions with which you may not be familiar. Acclimate yourself to them before turning your venture 100% digital.